Izhar Gafni from Israel has solved the world fuel shortage crisis in one fell swoop… as long as it doesn’t rain. All the money spent on bike sharing schemes in so many cities around the world, it’d make sense for hotter countries to follow Izhar’s lead. So what if your bike was stolen? Just cut out another one – this one cost Izhar $9 to make!

Whilst I’m writing about bikes (again) do make sure to check out this amazing bendable bike, tie it to a post – and no one will nick it :]


TXTual Healing

July 29, 2012

Paul Notzold in Sheboygan via Wooster Collective

New Media/Performance artist Paul Notzold has most definitely sold me on the idea of interactive street art with a superb series digital projections providing… TXTual Healing. Check out his latest work in Sheboygan, Wiscosin via Wooster Collective. (yep there really is a place called Sheboygan).

There’s a cool interview with the guy at The Limner or see more of Paul’s night time textual shenanigans via www.TXTualHealing.com.

Strangely enough not for his burning bank paintings, although he was ‘questioned’ about his motives regarding these, it was actually a street chalking offence, which shouldn’t be a damn law in the first place – it’s chalk for ****’s sake. You have to admire the guy for taking on this ridiculous law.


See the full story at www.laweekly.com and visit Alex’s blog at www.alexanderschaefer.blogspot.co.uk.

It’s kinda art, if you like documentaries, it’s sorta urban, I mean London is about as urban as it gets, It’s a short video about how the British unelected coalition government and their decision to further their mind control program, which we gladly pay for through our license fee, with a false drop. It’s kind of like a false flag for the PR world. Essentially the government and the BBC are run by the same public schoolboy elite as they always have, they toasted each others’ crumpets at Eton, they’ve worked as interns for each others’ daddies, and now they’re playing silly buggers with the drip feed of disinformation so many lovingly call “factual programming”.

So there you have it, never vote or pay for your TV BBC license again… seems a fair trade to me.

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