If I was a government crony charged with the responsibility of getting rid of all street art once and for all, I wouldn’t hire an army of graffiti removal specialists. Instead, most likely, I’d create a street artist to infiltrate the ranks of the street arts community. One who’s approach was so tacky and awful that through sheer enthusiasm for the mundane and obvious, all others, be they street artists or fans, would simply turn away in disgust. If there’s one potential recruit for that role, it has to be former shopkeeper and hypemonger David Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta.

If you’re related to a well respected street artist like Invader and you buy a video camera, if you’re very lucky you’ll eventually you’ll meet Banksy. If you’re really lucky,  your footage of Banksy will be so awful, he might even edit the flick for you and unintentionally make you famous. Then you’re set to storm the world with a heap of B.S primed to make everyone re-evaluate “WTF happened to street art?”.

If you want to see his latest “project” where he believes he and a kid he met who can mix a bit, with the aid of some corporate soft drinks sponsorship will somehow alchemically merge street art and dubstep together into a new millennial hybrid animal of ultimate corporate sponsored entertainment… visit Facebook.

Otherwise read some rather cutting journalism on what might turn out to be the man that truly opens the floodgates for this kind of crap just about everywhere, and perhaps even eventually strikes a death knell into the heart of street art…

The Independent: Mr Brainwash: Banksy’s street-art protégé and his latest brainwave

Artlyst: Mr Brainwash Breaking London The Agony And The Ecstasy

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