French artist Hubert de Lartigue began in packaging design in the 80s before moving to illustration. Most of his work was mainly focused on pin-ups, and he created several sci-fi magazine covers and role playing game illustrations. Since 2003 he started painting in acrylic on canvas in larger formats and ultra hyperreal style. Currently living in Paris his main gallery is in New York at the Bernarducci-Meisel-Gallery.

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Occupy Art by Guy Denning

August 13, 2012

Check out these ‘Occupy themed’ chalk/Conté sketches by Bristol born/France based artist Guy Denning highlighting the struggle of the 99%. Visit his site at for more.

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Scott Gundersen is a Michigan based artist with a great skill for creating highly unique portraits from nothing but recycled wine corks. “Grace” is pixelated with 9,217 of them, “Trisha” with 3,621 old wine corks. See the video below for a time lapse of The final 50 hours of a 200 hour project. I just wonder who got to drink all the wine?

See more of his work via Behance.

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