On Wednesday as the Las Vegas desert sun rose, shocked commuters witnessed the full effect of the Occupy movement with the aid of a mystery street artist, a pair of mannequins, some rope, and a death defying climb up two overhead billboards on the freeway in Clark County. Here’s a perturbing take on the situation via Occupy Las Vegas who first reported the story.

Clark County has the second highest rate of adult suicide in the country right now. It has the fifth highest rate of child suicide. And, thanks to the governor’s draconian education budget, the Social Work programs that used to supply volunteers and interns to help such people have been de-funded. The Clark County suicide hotline number is “not in service at this time.” Nevada has the highest sustained unemployment of any state in the U.S. with almost no real hope in sight and politicians more concerned with corporate campaign donations than they are helping the middle class & poor.


This has to be one of the dumbest bureaucratic goofs I’ve heard about in a long time. L.A City Hall had honoured the graffiti artist Man One this June, however it seems their tastes don’t reach as far as the night cleaning crew. A few days ago, undercover of the night, an overzealous city worker with a power washer managed to completely destroy a massive mural by two of L.A’s finest graffiti artists, Man One and Vyal.

Even local business owners had commented how much passing trade the street art was bringing in. What’s worse, there’s a $h1tload of crappy tags just around the corner, and no one even thought of removing those. I’ve had it with dumb bureaucrats and their hankering for making every single urban sprawl look like the next. To save face, next time L.A City Hall should take a tip from Bristol, club together and lay some perspex over the murals they want to keep.

Read the whole story at: L.A Weekly

If I was a government crony charged with the responsibility of getting rid of all street art once and for all, I wouldn’t hire an army of graffiti removal specialists. Instead, most likely, I’d create a street artist to infiltrate the ranks of the street arts community. One who’s approach was so tacky and awful that through sheer enthusiasm for the mundane and obvious, all others, be they street artists or fans, would simply turn away in disgust. If there’s one potential recruit for that role, it has to be former shopkeeper and hypemonger David Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta.

If you’re related to a well respected street artist like Invader and you buy a video camera, if you’re very lucky you’ll eventually you’ll meet Banksy. If you’re really lucky,  your footage of Banksy will be so awful, he might even edit the flick for you and unintentionally make you famous. Then you’re set to storm the world with a heap of B.S primed to make everyone re-evaluate “WTF happened to street art?”.

If you want to see his latest “project” where he believes he and a kid he met who can mix a bit, with the aid of some corporate soft drinks sponsorship will somehow alchemically merge street art and dubstep together into a new millennial hybrid animal of ultimate corporate sponsored entertainment… visit Facebook.

Otherwise read some rather cutting journalism on what might turn out to be the man that truly opens the floodgates for this kind of crap just about everywhere, and perhaps even eventually strikes a death knell into the heart of street art…

The Independent: Mr Brainwash: Banksy’s street-art protégé and his latest brainwave

Artlyst: Mr Brainwash Breaking London The Agony And The Ecstasy

Columbian street art legend Stinkfish, famed for his ginormous psychedelic murals of local faces is exhibiting in a group show opening August 11 to September 1st at “Primeval” Culver City, CA’s Carmichael Gallery. Also featuring work by graffiti artist Emol from Diadema City, Brazil, and California muralist/streetwear designer Zio Ziegler.

Tegucigalpa is the capital city of Honduras, statistically one of the most dangerous countries in the world. With more violence and murders per capita than almost anywhere, you’d think it’d be the last place anyone would risk creating street art. But even under the pain of death, corrupt police, and heavily armed gangs, one hooded and masked art vigilante, known simply as the Urban Maeztro, is risking his life to bring his particular brand of political street art to the people of Honduras.

It might not be the most original street art you’ve ever seen, but damn, this kid has got some Cahunas. Forget about stories of UK and US street artists and the ‘risks they take’, this kid is as hardcore as they come, he even stops to pat dogs after risking his neck for his art. Long live the Honduran street art revolution!

If you want to read more check out these links…
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South African painter Faith47 just completed a new piece in Rochester for the Wall Therapy festival. Entitled “Rhapsody”, this beautiful new piece can be seen in Downtown Rochester on E Main St. Next stop NYC! Here are a few more works by Faith47 to wet your appetite…

Via: Street Art News

TXTual Healing

July 29, 2012

Paul Notzold in Sheboygan via Wooster Collective

New Media/Performance artist Paul Notzold has most definitely sold me on the idea of interactive street art with a superb series digital projections providing… TXTual Healing. Check out his latest work in Sheboygan, Wiscosin via Wooster Collective. (yep there really is a place called Sheboygan).

There’s a cool interview with the guy at The Limner or see more of Paul’s night time textual shenanigans via www.TXTualHealing.com.

The whole Olympics crackdown on street art is getting out of control. Darren Cullen is a legal graffiti artist, part of Graffiti Kings, a company commissioned by Team GB to create some enticing street art for the event.

illegal arrests, missile launchers mounted on apartment blocks without even asking the permission of the people who live there, suppression of  news, removal of anything or anyone, that the unelected powers that be, decide on a whim. All this for a bit of running and jumping. Is it really worth it?

If it’s a trade off between The Olympics and human rights, I’ll take the latter thanks.

Read the interview with Darren Cullen at VICE.

Subvertising in Toronto

July 26, 2012

Check out these hacktivist street art shots taken in Toronto recently featuring modded city information posts, which it turns out are only used for advertising and caused both the removal of free bike parking and the destruction of several trees. Many of them are interactive and truly engage the public in a serious message, essentially how big business always outweighs environmental concerns when it comes to running Toronto.

Via Pop Up City

Strangely enough not for his burning bank paintings, although he was ‘questioned’ about his motives regarding these, it was actually a street chalking offence, which shouldn’t be a damn law in the first place – it’s chalk for ****’s sake. You have to admire the guy for taking on this ridiculous law.


See the full story at www.laweekly.com and visit Alex’s blog at www.alexanderschaefer.blogspot.co.uk.

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