TXTual Healing

July 29, 2012

Paul Notzold in Sheboygan via Wooster Collective

New Media/Performance artist Paul Notzold has most definitely sold me on the idea of interactive street art with a superb series digital projections providing… TXTual Healing. Check out his latest work in Sheboygan, Wiscosin via Wooster Collective. (yep there really is a place called Sheboygan).

There’s a cool interview with the guy at The Limner or see more of Paul’s night time textual shenanigans via www.TXTualHealing.com.


Subvertising in Toronto

July 26, 2012

Check out these hacktivist street art shots taken in Toronto recently featuring modded city information posts, which it turns out are only used for advertising and caused both the removal of free bike parking and the destruction of several trees. Many of them are interactive and truly engage the public in a serious message, essentially how big business always outweighs environmental concerns when it comes to running Toronto.

Via Pop Up City

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